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Masked Environmental Activists Gatecrash FoE Fundraiser to Deliver Vegan Message

livestock takeover

London — As Friends of the Earth (FoE) hosted a comedy night (LIVEstock) at the Hammersmith Apollo, a group of masked environmentalists called the Vegan Avengers were letting attendees know that they needed to go vegan if they wanted to help stop climate change. Wearing giant fake testicles and carrying signs reading “Have some balls – Go Vegan” a group of Vegan Avengers leafleted people as they went into the venue. Meanwhile, inside, two more Vegan Avengers jumped onto the stage during comedian Dan Antopolski’s performance to deliver the same message of veganism for the planet.

Research from the United Nations and Worldwatch Institute has shown that animal agriculture is responsible for between 18% and 51% of worldwide greenhouse gases, certainly more than the all the world’s cars, planes and trains combined. The UK need to reduce emissions by at least 40% by 2020 if we are to avoid the catastrophic consequences of runaway climate change, and that means we need to take drastic action.

avenger group

Vegan Avenger Captain Splendid said “There’s no time for half-heartedness, entirely removing meat and dairy from your diet is the single most effective way to take personal action on climate change. Asking people to ‘cut down’ as FoE have done would be like asking people to drive their Hummer less, or take fewer flights on private jets. There are some things which are simply unsustainable in a world faced with catastrophic climate change”.

avengers 2

The Vegan Avengers are a group of environmental activists who are fed up and embarrassed by the mainstream environmental groups’ failure to properly address one of the most important issues of our time. You may not have heard of them before, but you haven’t heard the last of the Vegan Avengers!

ballsy avenger

This short video shows a FoE employee attempting to stop the Vegan Avengers from even handing out leaflets. They seem desperate for people to keep eating meat and have become closer friends of the meat industry than the earth…



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Introducing the Vegan Avengers!!

vegan avengers

VA leaflet back copy

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